The colors of spring…

The weather here has been just beautiful. Everything is in full bloom, including my allergies and everyone else too. I could do without the allergies.

I know that today should be DYEING TUESDAY, but I am out of stock for the moment and preparing for Easter, so it’s all good.

I did get a batch in on Friday and it is quite like a basket of Easter eggs if I do say so myself!

They are a happy bunch! Let me introduce them, we have Robin’s Egg Blue, Sun-kissed Peach, Pink Taffy and Mellow Yellow. Just looking at them brings me great joy!

Happy Knitting!


5 responses to “The colors of spring…

  1. It looks like an Easter basket – love the colors! You are making amazing progress in just a couple of weeks. I really LOVE the very soft yellow!


  2. I found myself last night looking for patterns just for yarn. Can’t wait to see up close and personal!


  3. Easter/Spring has arrive can’t wait to see what summer brings. Awesome job girl!!!


  4. love 🙂


  5. oh…love the colors!! Looks just like Easter to me!!


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