Vacation week….

Good Morning to all,

It is the start of vacation week here, not us adults, because moms are NEVER on vacation. I must admit I have a TON of cleaning to do in anticipation of my parents coming, but have little motivation. Honestly, I work best under pressure.

I thought Bryce and I would do something fun today, but he seems quite content to play the Wii in his underwear!! Whatever…

There might be some knitting today and I promise to take some pictures of my current WIP’s. I know that I have been slacking in the knitting department, but the dyeing of the fiber is so addictive.

This past Friday I dyed something along the lines of Easter colors and the yellow that everyone is gaga over. I was actually working with  more monochrome colorways. They are fun, but I really love that surprise of color with the handpaints.

Well, I suppose I need to start cleaning and the bathrooms seem like a good start….I really hate cleaning these.

Tomorrow we are headed to a Nats vs Red Sox game and I am excited. I love going to see my beloved Red Sox play here. If you go when they are at home, you practically need to take a loan out to go….extremely expensive.

I’m off…be back later.



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