Gosh Darn it…..

I was at work today and I was showing some of our customers my Color Affection shawl and I then sat to knit a row and the unthinkable happened…..my Signature Circular Needles snapped at the join and there went my stitches. Fortunately, I froze where I sat and made some sort of noise to alert other knitters that there was a catastrophe at hand. Fortunately, Ellen quickly handed me some needles and whoosh, stitches back onto the needle…………crisis averted!

Since my size 7 needles are in pieces, literally, I will go back and knit on my Citron shawl.

I am taking a break from dyeing this week and I’m back to being a knitter.

My son is on school vacation this week and my parents arrive on Saturday for about a week and I have quite a bit of cleaning ahead of me!

It”s been a long couple of weeks and I am off to bed!

Sweet dreams and happy knitting,




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