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Oh so addicted….!!

Hello there! Yes, this is me and I am proudly modeling my Color Affection shawl. This is the “IT” shawl to knit and wear. There is no hotter project on Ravelry.

This is what you can do with 3 skeins of sock yarn!! I blocked it yesterday and was completely thrilled with its grand size. I really had wanted to knit a shawl I could snuggle in and this is it!!

This is done in Madeline Tosh Merino Light yarn and the colorways are from the top, Winter Wheat, Shoreline and Baltic. This yarn is quite wonderful and the colors are fantastic.

Imagine all the colors and all the possibilities….endless don’t you think? I have started to go through my “stash” and putting possibilities together.

So run to your stash and see what you can come up with……!

I am working the weekend, so see you next week!

Happy Knitting!



So Sorry….been busy!

I didn’t mean to be away so long, but I have been busy work and doing all that domestic stuff I am required to do and I have done this…..ta da!!

Yep, busy and this isn’t even all of it!

I also finished my beautiful Color Affection last night at 11:55 pm. I am blocking it right now and hope to wear it to small shawls tonight! I will have someone take a picture of me wearing it. I also have 3 colors right next to me for the next. So many colors, so many possibilities….I just love it!!

So, since I have been away for a while I will share some funny stories with you. I hope you enjoy them. Just for edification purposes, these are all TRUE!

On Tuesday, I had an appointment with my GYN for a follow-up. This was a MD I had never gone to before and the office had cancelled on me 5 times due to the fact that babies wanted to be born. I was getting annoyed, but I was hoping that appointment 6 would be my lucky number….it was. I finally get in there and we go over stuff and she begins her exam. For those of you who know me, you know my sense of humor.  So as I lay there feeling so exposed, the doctor says, “I read in you chart you had a baby, I say, yes, and she says, I see that you didn’t have him this way (the regular way), I say, no, he was a C-section”. Now mind you, I am laying there, vulnerable and I can’t even see the doctor because she is doing her thing. She then says that she can tell that I did not give birth this way and I then said, you know doctor, I just believe we should try to keep at least one of our body parts in its original condition…..then she started to laugh and so did I and then she thanked me for the laugh! At that moment, we bonded and I really like her.  🙂

Monday was dyeing day and the weather was miserable for drying, so into Tuesday we roll with the drying,  Wednesday is spent tending to the new yarn. Bryce has a half day and ask if he can help. reluctantly, I say sure because my arms, hands and shoulders were killing me. So I go about some other yarn related things and there he is by my side. I ask him, are you all done? His answer, no, I am taking a break, that is a beast on your arms. He needs better stamina training. Needless to say there have been many late nights here and none of them were knitting related. Here is a little tease of one of my lovelies.

Would you like some butta on that lobsta???

I hope that I have amused you in some way today. I promise not to be gone so long again.

Happy Knitting!



Had to find the darn cable. I think I put it some place SAFE, so safe, that I forget where I put things. So here was the inspiration…. Here are the results I hope you like them.

Harshest Critic….

First, I did survive yesterday!

After everyone settled down and I relaxed and watched The Good Wife, I stayed up until 1:00 am prepping the yarn. Just in case I felt like dyeing in the morning.

I woke up feeling better and decided that I would dye yarn today. This feeling increased once I put my son on the bus.   😉

I thought that one of Bryce’s watercolors would be my inspiration for my coloring, but a couple of pansies changed my mind.

I was pretty cautious with the purple. Once you go really purple, you are committed. I was looking for subtle and striking hues and I got them. Not entirely sure they are repeatable….! Once you get rocking and rolling, you kind of forget to take notes, especially when you are adding some of this and some of that and SHAZAM….you have pretty yarn! At least each colorway has a mate or two! I need to be a bit more bold on the next run.

Hubby came home at dinner time with pizza, which scored some big points with me. Spending the whole day dyeing in the kitchen doesn’t make you want to deal with all the clean up from that and then prepare dinner.

Kyle asked if I had watered all of his greenery, which includes all his vegetable plants, 3 gardens and the grass. Bryce was in charge of some, but with his bug aversion, he proved not very helpful. I told Kyle I did the best I could, but it’s not my thing. I kept stuff alive on the porch and I was happy with that. To my credit, I told him I personally grew the almost 9-year-old person next to him, enough said!

I have the camera and I took pictures, but the cord is missing. As I walk around this house looking for it, there are just chargers for this and that everywhere!!! I will look for the missing component tomorrow, I am just too tired right now.

Happy Knitting!


Okay, maybe not today….

I have tried to do several things today and none of them turned out right. I attempted to skein yarn this morning while Bryce was watching ESPN Sports Center…giggle and I couldn’t get 4 ozs. if my life depended on it. So, I walked away.

Since my parents and hubby are gone, son and dog have been constantly annoying me. If I hear Mommy one more time, I might lose my mind. The dog keeps looking at me and stealing things and I keep telling her, you are one thing short of ending up at the pound….not really…but you understand.

Took Bryce to BMX, where he placed 1st…okay, a good thing. But I put the sunscreen on him and not me….mistake.

Bryce is in charge of watering since Kyle isn’t here and that is fine except he is afraid of bugs and won’t turn the water on or off or anything, which means Mommy has to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. You do see how one might lose her mind, don’t you!

Dinner time rolls around and I am again trying to skein yarn and sucking the big one, so again, I walk away saying some rather foul language. I tell Bryce it’s pancake night and he gets excited. Being the good mother, I grab the wonderful organic whole wheat blend pancake mix and heat up the griddle. Put dinner on the table where Bryce says, these aren’t great. I taste mine, no, no they aren’t and yes, I bet the box of Bisquick would have been better, but these are better for you. Even I didn’t care at that point!

Hanging my head and talking to myself, I head up stairs to get into my pajamas. I notice that there is water all over my bathroom floor….Bryce…..I clean it up and have a little cry. Sometime a little cry can fix things……or not!

I clean up the kitchen and make everything all tidy for the morning. I look at my calendar for the week and notice something that explains all of the above…..I am PMS’ing and that is why my world sucks the big one at the moment.

I will leave the yarn alone. I will stay away from the annoying people and just settle in until the world has righted itself.

Sorry to vent, just needed to share the pain.

Happy Knitting nonetheless!


I found the camera…see….!

I have proof that I am knitting. Yep, you guessed correctly, I found the camera and took a whopping 2 pictures of my current WIP’s. One is Citron, a lovely free pattern from Knitty, which I have decided to extend the repeats to 10 so that it will be larger. The color is totally outside of my color spectrum, but I love it and think it will look fantastic for a summer night out!

My next addiction, and I say addiction because it is so fabulous, that you can’t wait to put more color combinations together and do it all over again. This is the insanely popular Color Affection.  I am doing mine on size 7 32″ circulars and  really, I could use a 40″ for ease of working space. Now the picture is vague, I did that on purpose and am not a totally lousy photographer, just in case you were wondering! I want to show it to you in all its’ glory.

On the home front, Kyle has left for Massachusetts, and my parents are leaving in the morning and I will be running Bryce around between karate and BMX.

In between, I will be prepping the yarn in anticipation of dyeing on Monday. Just the thought of it makes me so happy.

I have to run to school to see Bryce and his presentation.

Have a great day. Happy Knitting!

Simple math….

Last night my husband and I went to dinner with the entire staff and their spouse’s of my LYS, and my employer. It was a great chance for all of us to be in one place at the same time and as a newbie, meet everyone’s hubby. We had a wonderful time and dinner was delicious. I am always excited when I don’t have to cook!

Speaking of cooking, I haven’t been in the kitchen much since my parents have come to visit. It seems rude to overtake the kitchen with all  my dyeing stuff. So, instead, I decided I would start to skein up the yarn.

The first skein went fine, the second was off. My mind was really not into it and it showed. So, I stopped. The fact that I screwed up really simple math makes me a bit nuts. I wonder if there is an App for that??

When I start any project, anything at all, I WAY over think it…I mean to death. I would be better off being impulsive, but I would have to plan for that….I am giggling because this is so ridiculous. Maybe this is my payback for staying up really late all last week while Bryce was on vacation?

Anyway, I am going to save dyeing for next week and take my time to skein the yarn. Plus there are books I want to pour over for color inspiration. It’s a really fun process.

Ok, it’s bedtime.

Happy Knitting!


Off schedule….

Happy Easter Monday!

My parents are here visiting for the week and this was Bryce’s last day of vacation. We spent the morning at the dentist, routine cleanings and we dropped mom off to get a haircut.

Lunch was at Five Guy’s…so good!! Stopped by the mall to get a gift for my godchild’s First Communion this coming weekend, which my hubby will attend.

We had a lovely Easter dinner with family and new friends. Kyle invited a young woman from his office who has a wee one and a wee one on the way and a hubby in a foreign land. We thought they could use some Easter bunny happiness. I will admit it was great to have a sweet 16 month old running around and kissing the puppy. We had many laughs and it was a lovely day. I think I am all hammed out!

I have managed to do a little bit of knitting here and there.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dyeing day, but I am not ready. I might skein some yarn and see what Wednesday looks like. There is no sense in doing it if you’re not feeling it. Having all the prep work done is a really good thing though.

Well, I hope to do another row and then off to bed. I have to be back on my mommy routine…..Boooooo!

Happy Knitting!

The Countdown begins……

I just looked at the calendar and we are exactly 30 days away from pure fiber bliss….Maryland Sheep and Wool!!!! I start to feel the tingle in my toes now and the feeling just works it way up UNTIL THE DAY  and by then I am just a beyond excited.

I don’t have much on my wish list this year, but my interest now lie in other areas. It’s just such a great time, with great people. Angie and I are taking our friend Stitchin Sue and I can count on the pain from all the laughing. For Sue, it will be shock and awe and that will be fun to watch. You see it on quite a few people for that matter.

I have been in “get the damn house clean because Nana and Poppy are coming” mode and basically the house needed a really good overhaul. Only grocery shopping remains and I will do that in the morning.

Tonight, a little knitting before I go to bed.

Happy Knitting,





The colors of spring…

The weather here has been just beautiful. Everything is in full bloom, including my allergies and everyone else too. I could do without the allergies.

I know that today should be DYEING TUESDAY, but I am out of stock for the moment and preparing for Easter, so it’s all good.

I did get a batch in on Friday and it is quite like a basket of Easter eggs if I do say so myself!

They are a happy bunch! Let me introduce them, we have Robin’s Egg Blue, Sun-kissed Peach, Pink Taffy and Mellow Yellow. Just looking at them brings me great joy!

Happy Knitting!