Following your bliss……

Today I watched a program from Oprah’s Network, it was called Life Lessons. This segment was about Jon Bon Jovi. I felt compelled to watch since I think he is just a fabulous human being and sexy as hell…..! Clearly my priorities are in order. It was a really great documentary and I watched it at the most perfect time in my day. His message was basically, if you are good at something and you love it, follow your bliss! I am Jon, I am….

I had already done my chores for the day and was on my way to preparing the yarn for tomorrows offering to the dye pots. By the way, this is quite time consuming.  I had started to think about what methods I want to try. I have done the handpainting quite successfully and I was leaning towards low emersion  dyeing. This means dying 3 skeins at the same time and manipulating the skein to achieve the color you want.

This is tomorrows offering to the dye gods….

I suspect that I will do the low emersion thingy, but I will also do some handpainting trying to replicate the beautiful results of last weeks lovelies.

Here is on that I was totally reluctant to show anybody because I thought nobody would like it…I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here it is knit up.

I am off to bed. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for this weeks beautiful colors.

Happy Knitting!


One response to “Following your bliss……

  1. you’re right, they’re beautiful colours!


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