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Color, Color, Color….Oh my!

What a week! I actually got to dye twice this week….and the results were just beautiful.

And this…

And this….This was a “squeak” moment for me. I had beautiful colorways and they had brothers. This means that I was able to duplicate the colors for 2 or 3 skeins. In the handpainting world, this is a BIG DEAL.

This was Tuesday’s dyeing results. I was able to squeeze another day in today and they are still drying and so pretty.

So, with such wonderful results and a passion for dyeing yarn and such wonderful support from my friends and family, I hear by announce the birth of my very own business. Details to follow.

I am developing a website where you can view the yarn and even purchase the wonderfully colored wollies and I will ship them directly to you! Everyone deserves some happy mail!

A little fiber information about my yarn. It is a 100% Merino Superwash and the yardage is a whopping 450 yards. Enough for a shawl, scarf and hat, you get the drift. This yarn has a beautiful twist and is super soft but I would not recommend it for sock. If you are knitting for wee cherubs, it’s perfect for wee knits since it’s a superwash.

After many late nights, I am off to bed and it is yet another late night.

Happy Knitting and stay tuned for all the great details and more pictures.



It’s totally awesome……

Today’s dyeing went great!

Hubby stayed home for some reason, so he let me sleep in, which was great because I never sleep well the night before dyeing. So many colors, so many possibilities.

So he worked outside, his passion, and I spent the day in the kitchen, my passion. He made a few visits to see what was going on and left grinning as I did my happy dance when all was going great. I had the radio turned up and was dancing and hubby mention that my face mask was on my head and had been all day….this was at 4:00…I must have pushed it up there and there it stayed.

My porch was decorated with fabulously colored fiber and it’s all good.

There will be pictures tomorrow when all is dry. It’s been a long day and I am off to bed.

Happy Knitting!


Following your bliss……

Today I watched a program from Oprah’s Network, it was called Life Lessons. This segment was about Jon Bon Jovi. I felt compelled to watch since I think he is just a fabulous human being and sexy as hell…..! Clearly my priorities are in order. It was a really great documentary and I watched it at the most perfect time in my day. His message was basically, if you are good at something and you love it, follow your bliss! I am Jon, I am….

I had already done my chores for the day and was on my way to preparing the yarn for tomorrows offering to the dye pots. By the way, this is quite time consuming.  I had started to think about what methods I want to try. I have done the handpainting quite successfully and I was leaning towards low emersion  dyeing. This means dying 3 skeins at the same time and manipulating the skein to achieve the color you want.

This is tomorrows offering to the dye gods….

I suspect that I will do the low emersion thingy, but I will also do some handpainting trying to replicate the beautiful results of last weeks lovelies.

Here is on that I was totally reluctant to show anybody because I thought nobody would like it…I couldn’t have been more wrong. Here it is knit up.

I am off to bed. Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for this weeks beautiful colors.

Happy Knitting!

Finding the time….

Happy weekend!

I find myself torn between wanting to knit and wanting to dye yarn, ALL THE TIME!! Another addiction…a good thing, I think…

My knitting friends have been most kind and been my test knitters for my yarn. So far, so good. I couldn’t be more pleased. I was so excited about it the other night that I actually pinched myself…..yes, you made that yarn pretty!!I have named this color “Block Island Dreams”…makes you want to dunk your toes in the water while sipping a margarita. I can almost feel it…LOL!

I am knitting away on my Color Affection shawl and the color is okay, my next one will be more subtle.

Heads up, I think dyeing day will be on Monday this week. It might even be a twice a week event this time. I am fully stocked with dyes and yarn …. I can barely wait until Monday.


Multi Handpainted yarn

Multi Handpainted yarn

Hand dyed knitted sample

Dyeing Tuesday….

I had a very successful dyeing day yesterday. I kept copious notes of what I did and hopefully, tomorrow I am replicate these beauties.

This was my second time dyeing and I think it is pretty good for someone who isn’t professionally trained.

I definitely see a couple of potential colorways…

Happy Knitting!



Beyond frustrated….

I swear to the knitting gods above, that I am officially loosing my mind. I have been trying to cast on for my newest shawl called Color Affection and I thought I was just to tired whenever I would try to start, but no, it was sadly, end user error. So problem corrected, and I’m off to the races, so to speak. After a couple of inches, I check my gauge. I am suppose to have 4.5 stitches to the inch, I have 7 to the inch….okay….I jump to size 9 needles and get things rocking and rolling again. Pause to check gauge, approx. 5 stitches to the inch, but I despise the fabric. So, I am basically sitting here freaking out.

Maybe I will just say screw it and get the fabric I like….I just don’t know.

On another note, tomorrow is Dye Tuesday!! Been looking forward to tomorrow since last week.

I am sure that there will be pictures tomorrow and hopefully I will have solved my gauge dilemma.

Happy Knitting….

Dyeing to Dye….



I had planned to spend yesterday dyeing yarn, but my family insisted on family day. I gave in, and off we went. The things we have to do to keep the family happy. I may try to get some dying time in Monday and Tuesday, so stay tuned for the results. I have high hopes for the next batch.

Here are some pictures of some of my lovelies. One is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock and the other is Wollmeise in a beautiful spring lavender.

Happy Knitting!


What I have been up to….

I have been preoccupied with something other than knitting. It is my newest addiction, dying and painting yarn. I have turned my kitchen into Chemistry 101. Here is a sneak peak of what I have been up to. So what do you think? Not bad for my first try…


I’m Back….

Welcome Friends,

This is my new blog site!!

Oh, this is refreshing, a blog site that works and has a ton of options.

Here are my color choices for my Color Affection shawl. Here is the link

Hopefully, you all will find this blog easier to navigate and as always, I welcome your comments!