Working the yarn…

Greetings from the dye pots.  I have great blog posts for next week but didn’t want to leave you hanging.

It has been an incredibly stressful couple of weeks here and on top of that I was invited to a wonderful local yarn event which is requiring ALL MY TIME.

So, lets catch up next week!




What I love….

Greetings from a snow covered house with a really happy kid in it.  Actually, he’s outside enjoying day two free from school.  It was a lovely snow, light and fluffy and easy to clean up.

I just finished knitting a lovely cowl by Anne Hanson called Sculling Cowl and I did it in a week.  That’s record time for me.  As I sit and type it has had a bath and is upstairs in my guest room blocking.  I hope to wear it to knit night tonight.  I used our newest yarn, Yankee Posh, and boy was it just a pleasure.  Yankee Posh is a lovely 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere and 10% Nylon base that is just so yummy.  Once you feel it, you just have to have it.  You know, yarn crack!!

So with that project coming to a quick end, I needed something else to knit pronto.  I have become a pretty monogamous knitter of late, so I don’t have anything else on the needles.  I have things planned, but they are big things like another sweater in fingering weight yarn and a shawl in lace and I really want something easy and mindless….enter the K I T.  


I love having a couple of kits on hand for exactly this type of situation.  I have a confession, I have four (4), so I have options!!  A knitter always needs options.  I am also in a major cowl phase and I am about to scratch an itch that I’ve been ignoring….Chevrons!  They are back in a big way and my little cashmere cowl is going to be chevrons.  What a happy accessory it will be!!

I also got some dying in and updated our shop.  Take a look….

I hope you have a wonderful day.  Tonight is knit night so you know I am happy!

See you soon,


Three strikes and a bonus….

Hubby and I are down for the count. He’s claimed the couch and I went back to bed. Finally some extra rest. Then the phone rings and yes, you guessed correctly, it’s school. Hubby weakly yells up to me that I have to go get him.

I get dressed and off I go. Not use to hubby being home so I back out of the garage right into his truck with my new car. I’d cry but I just don’t have the energy.

I’ll see you on the other side of this!

I hope you all remain healthy.


Mix Tape Tour/Football/Cold, in that order…

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The Northeast is getting more snow and here is the Southeast we had rain and now wind.  And yes, another grey day.

I had a fabulous weekend with a couple of knitting friends as we met up at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA for the Stephen and Steven Mix Tape Tour.  I have been looking forward to this for a couple of months.  As you can imagine, the spaces were limited so you had to jump on it as soon as it was announced.  I have to give props to Fibre Space and the staff as they were wonderful and helpful and running on fumes I think.

Stephen West is a real sweetheart!  His pictures on Instagram are amusing and entertaining and he is the same in person.  Steven Be was just as sweet and wonderful and a perfect team they did make.  As a dyer, I really appreciated Stephen’s approach to color, which was pretty much, go for it!!  The hours went to quickly, don’t they always!  And that was my Saturday.

Sunday was the big game.  Being from the northeast, you bet I was rooting for the Patriots.  It was a nail biter of a game and I was already feeling a cold coming on, so I pretty much chilled on the couch and knit/napped most of the day.  It’s better to just give in.

Monday, full-blown yuck inserted itself into my life.  I managed to get to the pet store, pharmacy, and grocery store and home again in time to pick up the boy from the bus stop.  I really can’t complain as we all have been healthy up to this.  I prayed that I would stay healthy until Saturday and then it didn’t matter.  That sorta back fired, but I can live with that.

I seem to have cowl-itis.  I bought yarn on our retreat for a cowl in two different weights and while at Fibre Space I bought yarn for 2 more.  One I have been lamenting over and one was pure indulgence…..100% cashmere.  I am  s t i l l knitting on hubby’s scarf and being monogamous.  That is just about killing me but I get the look every time I put it down so it’s best to just press on and finish it.  It’s really a rather handsome scarf and will look wonderful on him.

Did I tell you that the boy is very interested in clothes now?   I can’t remember.  I didn’t see him leave this morning but hubby said he looked sharp.  I can’t remember the last time he was in jeans.  Honestly I think it was his jean overalls when he was a toddler.  He always looked fabulous when I dressed him.  I did buy him some skinny jeans, as was his preference, but they are slim as well and he did look sharp getting off the bus.  So grown up for about a half hour…..sigh!

Here are the pictures from Saturday!

Hugs, Michele







Grey, grey and more grey…..

I don’t know about you guys but the grey days are killing me.  I really noticed that December and January have been very bleak to say the least.  On the rare sunny days I find myself literally “soaking it up” as much as possible.  Spring will be here soon, right?

The weather gave New England a wild blizzard named Juno.  I guess the weather folks decided to name ALL storms from now on.  As if they need anything else to fuel their excitement over anything weather related.  I digress…on to knitting.

I went on a knitting retreat 2 weekends ago and had a wonderfully relaxing time. Great company, good food, knitting and chick flicks equals lots of fun.

I finished my sweater and actually wore it.


It is so comfortable and the fit is just perfect.  This is when you are happy that you did a swatch and blocked that swatch.   The pattern is Window to my Soul by  Joji Locatelli.  The yarn is Yankee Stride in the Under the Sea color.  This is the second garment that I have made by her and I really like the way she designs.

I also made this for this upcoming weekend because it grabbed my attention while on vacation this past summer.  I am so fortunate that I will be taking a class with Stephen West and StevenBe at Fibre Space on Saturday.  It will be tons of fun.  Here is Vertices Unite by Stephen West.



As a dyer, you know that color fascinates me.  I used the exact same pink in the lower section to the right.  It is actually a pink and grey stripe and then to the left the same pink is paired with navy.  See how different it looks.  I love it!!  All the yarn is hand dyed by me in Yankee Sole II.  It is a great stash buster and the color possibilities are endless.  It has a lovely i-cord bind off that really gives it a proper finish.  I will be wearing this on Saturday when I meet Mr. West!!  Oh yeah, there will be pictures!!!

I hope that your week is going well.  If you are in New England, I know what you are doing…shovel, shovel, shovel!!

I’ll see you soon!






A little warmer here…..

Happy TGIF to you all.  I ventured out today because it was sunny and a tad warmer and we needed food and I realized that I was in dire need of buttons.  The temperature actually reached 40 degrees in the sunshine and it felt so good.  As I was driving I was peeling off some of my layers and letting the sun warm me.

While I am writing this my 11 year old son just popped in to ask me to please move my car or he could do it.  Kids…

I am having just an all around great day.  My friend texted me because her daughter is expecting and today they were going to find out the gender.  I happened to be in JoAnne’s getting buttons at the time of the text, so there might be security footage of me doing a happy dance. I’m sure the staff has seen worse.  I am so happy for my friend!!!  Becoming a grandparent has tons of perks and none of the pain.


I’m off to rip out some knitting and then do some housework. The glamorous life continues.  Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Beyond Brrrr..!

Greetings to you all!  I hope you are warm and cozy.  It is rather brutal out there and I’m not even in the part of the country where it is just plain awful.  I will tell you that last nights drive home from knit night was a two hand on the wheel and heated seats kind of ride.  It was so windy and wild that it actually disturbed my sleep.

Yesterday and today have been a bit of a blur.  I have been trying to reorganize my dying stuff (the boys moved everything around “trying to help”, need I say more about that), and actually dye some yarn and take photos and keep the family stuff going.

I have a finished object to show you. The pattern is just a 2×1 ribbed sock but they are in my Crazy Monkey Love color way.  I love them!!  If you want a pair you can find the yarn in my Etsy shop.



My sweater is almost ready to be blocked.  I only have ends to weave in and in for a soak it goes.  I expect to wear it next weekend on our annual knitting retreat to Williamsburg, VA.  I hope the weather is a bit less miserable.  I don’t mind cold but ass freezing, not so much!

I have also been knitting a rather interesting knit by Stephen West.  If you don’t know who he is, just click the link.  I am attending one of his classes at the end of the month and I expect that it will be a BLAST!!

I’ll give you a sneak peek at what I am knitting next time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay warm.

Best, Michele

Here’s a close up of the socks!


What’s up with the lack of manners?

Maybe I have the post-Christmas blues, but I am becoming more annoyed by the lack of manners.  Please and thank you seem to be a thing of the past.  Not in my house, but there is a general feeling of entitlement that’s not sitting well with me.  How about you?

Between my husband and I, we have collectively 6 nieces and nephews and we did not receive ONE, not ONE thank you for their Christmas gift.  Is it all becoming too much, I think so.

I even made hand knits for the older children and I only asked for a picture of them wearing their gifts.  Is asking a teenager to take a selfie too much?  I really didn’t think so.

Yes, my feelings are hurt and I am sick of the rudeness.  I know that my mother is going to comment on this blog post.  But how I feel is how I feel and that’s that until I’m over it.

Anyone else have ungrateful gift recipients? I’m listening…

My rant is over and I am moving on.



Happy 2015 to you…

Greetings to you all, wherever you may be!

I’d like to wish you all the happiest of holidays. I’ve been enjoying mine with my family. It’s including lots of knitting time.


Here is a little glimpse of our Christmas.


I wish you all good health and lots of happy moments in the coming new year.

I dedicate this the year of the making!

Warm thoughts,

Dear December….

For the love of all things holy, I really feel like it snuck up on me this year!!  I am not prepared in any way, shape or form.  Our calendar has been chuck full of stuff and I live in a week to week mode of getting the boy to where he needs to be and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving and it was late this year, so yeah, things are not looking good.

Our renovation is finally complete with the carpet installed on Friday.  Finally we can get the tree from the crawl space and make the boy happy.  Hubby went down there and discovered a burst water pipe and lets just say I was happy I was grocery shopping and there wasn’t any cell service when that was discovered.  I dreaded a call to a plumber on a Saturday and all I could see was $$$$$$.  Bye the way, the tree went up and the lights didn’t work.  I thought it best to just walk away from the whole damn mess.  For tomorrow will be a better day for sure.

I am thankful that whatever knitting I had to do for Christmas is practically done.  I am finishing the hat for my nephew and that is it.  I should try to finish the scarf for my hubby….I should really find it first.

I have been squeezing in dying whenever I can.  Trying to divide my time has become such a challenge.

Today I introduced our newest yarn, Yankee Posh.  It’s a real beauty.  It is a fingering weight yarn that consists of 70 % Merino, 20% Cashmere and 10% Nylon.  It is positively sumptuous.  I didn’t get to dye as much as I had hoped but here is a sample of the beauty of this yarn.

Yankee Posh - Doodlebug

Yankee Posh – Doodlebug

I love this color way so much!!  I hope you will love it.  I plan on dying more this week.  I will also be adding some beautiful lace in holiday colors in a day or so.

My sweater is a mere hour of knitting away from being finished.  I think I should go do that, don’t you.

See you soon! I hope that your holidays are shaping up better than they are here.

Happy Knitting,