Dear December….

For the love of all things holy, I really feel like it snuck up on me this year!!  I am not prepared in any way, shape or form.  Our calendar has been chuck full of stuff and I live in a week to week mode of getting the boy to where he needs to be and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving and it was late this year, so yeah, things are not looking good.

Our renovation is finally complete with the carpet installed on Friday.  Finally we can get the tree from the crawl space and make the boy happy.  Hubby went down there and discovered a burst water pipe and lets just say I was happy I was grocery shopping and there wasn’t any cell service when that was discovered.  I dreaded a call to a plumber on a Saturday and all I could see was $$$$$$.  Bye the way, the tree went up and the lights didn’t work.  I thought it best to just walk away from the whole damn mess.  For tomorrow will be a better day for sure.

I am thankful that whatever knitting I had to do for Christmas is practically done.  I am finishing the hat for my nephew and that is it.  I should try to finish the scarf for my hubby….I should really find it first.

I have been squeezing in dying whenever I can.  Trying to divide my time has become such a challenge.

Today I introduced our newest yarn, Yankee Posh.  It’s a real beauty.  It is a fingering weight yarn that consists of 70 % Merino, 20% Cashmere and 10% Nylon.  It is positively sumptuous.  I didn’t get to dye as much as I had hoped but here is a sample of the beauty of this yarn.

Yankee Posh - Doodlebug

Yankee Posh – Doodlebug

I love this color way so much!!  I hope you will love it.  I plan on dying more this week.  I will also be adding some beautiful lace in holiday colors in a day or so.

My sweater is a mere hour of knitting away from being finished.  I think I should go do that, don’t you.

See you soon! I hope that your holidays are shaping up better than they are here.

Happy Knitting,


It’s really chilly now…

You know it’s cold or at least heading in that direction when you open the closet door and say, “I need something wooly.”

Best words ever for a knitter!!

The hormonal boy has a 1/2 day so he and I will enjoy the afternoon or die trying!!

Have a great day!!


Oy, the hormones….

And I don’t mean mine!!!  We are the parents of a pre-teen boy that I may not survive.  I’m mostly not kidding.  You never know what kid is going to get off the bus.  You sit and wait to see what comes out of his mouth.  He’s either going to love you or hate you.  It’s like living a soap opera everyday.  I enjoy every single minute that child is in school let me tell you.  And as everyone says to me, and this too shall pass.  I might see it pass through the bottom of alcohol.

Back to more reliable and stable topics, yarn and knitting.  My happy place!!  I may have forgotten to mention that county fairs are big around here and this year I entered 3 knitted items and was especially proud because they were all dyed by me.  Two of the items were lace, one a shawl and one a beaded lace scarf and actually the sweater had lace panels too!!  I was really thrilled to not only win 1st place with both the lace shawl and scarf, but the shawl won Best In Show and the comments on the back said that the scarf was considered also for the top honor.  My sweater took second place and I never did lay eyes on the sweater that took first.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Best In Show Ribbon

Best In Show Ribbon

This was Best In Show!  Pattern is Red Rock Canyon by Rosemary (Romi) Hill and the pattern that also got 1st place is Sierra Lupine also by my favorite designer Rosemary (Romi) Hill.

Sierra Lupine

Sierra Lupine

Here is my sweater that claimed 2nd place.  Pattern is Market Jacket by local designer Tanis Gray.

Market Jacket

Market Jacket

It is finally getting chilly here and I can’t wait to wear all my new knitting pretties.

Sweater update:  It’s almost done.  I am working on one of the sleeves and should get to the button band and neckline this weekend.  I am hoping to wear it for Thanksgiving.  I’ll take an updated photo soon.

I hope all is well with you.

Be happy,


The Meatball debacle…..

Hi folks..


I have to share a funny story about the weekend that I went to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool festival.  I wanted my boys to have a nice dinner on Saturday so I pulled out the crockpot and put the homemade sauce in it the night before so the only thing that hubby had to do was turn it on and later put in the meatballs.  My son’s favorite thing in the world to eat is meatballs.

I have to admit that I am an enthusiastic cook and make pretty much everything from scratch and this included meatballs.  I did the unthinkable and purchased frozen meatballs because I just didn’t have the time to make them and I figured in a pinch it would be fine.  Well, it wasn’t fine at all.

My son asked me if I was trying to kill him??  Dude, I was still in my Rhinebeck coma when he asked and immediately asked, why??  Then the rant began about how bad they were and there were lots of gagging noises to go along with the meatball drama.  I was sitting there with a big cup of coffee and said, “So, you didn’t like them?”….. just to hear the rant one more time.  I got it kid, the meatballs sucked.

I came up with a plan to make a huge batch of meatballs.  I mean two big cookies trays of meatballs and the freezer was going to get involved.  So I stood there rolling meatballs and rolling meatballs.  I baked them.  Threw some in the sauce that was in the crockpot and the rest in the freezer.

Child came home from school and said YUM when he walked thru the door and then did an about face and before he could get the words out I said, YES THEY ARE HOMEMADE!!!!  I feel like we now have a meatball trust issue going on!

In other news, the painter is here and the sunroom is getting its unexpected makeover.  New door, new paint, new carpet and new couch.  Progress is a good thing.

I am back to knitting on the sweater and I seem to be in the 2 inch black hole of knitting.  I hope emerge from it really soon because I want to wear it for Thanksgiving.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  I will see you back here soon!



Following One’s Bliss….

Lately I have been spending more time at the dye pots and feeling the love.

Jam Mash Up

Jam Mash Up

A lovely knitter sent me this photo of her finished sock and by the time this post, her second had been done for hours.  Thank you Corrine for such a fabulous picture.  I just adore this color way and of course you can find it here.

I am very fortunate to be able to do what I love and get paid to follow my bliss essentially.  I had to unleash the restrictions I put on myself sometimes and go a bit wild and that’s how my new color ways, Pop Rocks, was born.


I think these are so much fun!!  Doing this makes my heart happy!!

In knitting news, I am 2 inches away from being done with the body of my sweater.  I’ve decided that short sleeves may indeed work in the long run.  I’ll keep you posted.

I hope you all are well and enjoying the wonderful weather!

I’ll see you soon!


A month ago last night….

A month ago last night we experienced every parents nightmare.  It was a lovely Friday evening and I was upstairs running myself a bath and the boys were outside at a neighbors house.  I was looking forward to a relaxing evening, that just wasn’t meant to be.

I didn’t hear anyone yelling for me due to the location of our bathroom and the running water but once I heard an unfamiliar voice yelling my name downstairs I quickly threw on my pajamas and bolted downstairs and outside.  My son was messing around on his bike, without his helmet, and he fell hard and it looked like he fractured his eye socket at the very least.  As I arrived on scene there was blood everywhere, all over my husband and my son.  I think I swayed a bit.  I am not quesey by nature but all bets are off when it’s my child’s blood.  Our neighbor promptly called 911 and we waited.  I suspected other injuries and remained calm while running into the house to put on regular clothes and grab my purse.

One the ambulance arrived my son was put in a cervical collar and strapped to a backboard and put into the ambulance.  He was assessed and everyone did an amazing job.  It was determined that due to the head injury he needed to be transported to Children’s Hospital in DC and the best way to get there was helicopter.  We live in a cul-de-sac and were so thankful that the Maryland State Troopers could land at the end of our driveway and take Bryce and I from there.  Getting into a helicopter was a first for me and a tad daunting with all the blades going.



This all began around 5:30 pm.  I went with Bryce in the helicopter and hubby would have to meet us there.  I felt bad that he had to make the drive being so upset.  I can’t say enough about the two wonderful female trooper EMT’s.  They were awesome and took such wonderful care of my baby.  They even took a picture of the city all light up for Bryce.


They were right, it was a prefect night for a helicopter ride.

Children’s Hospital was beyond awesome.  A trauma team was assembled and waiting and they went over him head to toe.  I heard the possibility of a skull fracture and eye socket injury and frankly I was glad they had me sitting down.  After x-rays and CAT scans he had a mild concussion and a broken collar bone and I aged about 5 years.

We left Children’s around 2:00 am on Saturday morning arriving home at 3:00 am.  It was not a restful sleep.  I felt on alert most of the night.

A month later and he is almost completely healed.  You know how it is with kids, they bounce back quick. Hubby and I are still not over the whole thing.  These things linger with parents.

So, this is one of the reasons I haven’t been around much.  There are more as things seem to happen in three’s…..

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.  I’ll be back soon.


Rhinebeck 2014

What a perfect place for a Fall wool festival!!  Rhinebeck, New York did not disappoint.  The color was as spectacular on the ground as on the trees.  It was wonderful to see children playing in natures beauty.  I even caught a little guy in a beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket.


It was a  r e a l l y  long day, but worth it in so many ways.  I saw tons of glorious sweaters, shawls, scarfs and hats.  Everywhere I looked I was just in awe of all the beautiful knits.


I took this picture while in line for the Cider Donuts, which were well worth the wait!

I have to laugh because I said to a few folks like Laura Nelkin, I’ll see you there, when frankly it’s hard enough to stay with the people you came with never mind actually finding someone.  But I did literally run into someone and my day, week, year, was made….

Me and The Yarn Harlot

Me and The Yarn Harlot

The look on my face pretty much said it all.  There was a moment captured with any ugly cry on my part.  I am such a goof.  But seriously, what were the odds?

I got to see some lovely alpacas and even a nun with a goat. Yes, you read that right. A nun with a goat.  Too surprised to get a picture of that.



I had a wonderful time and have great memories and photos and hope to go back next year, but for the whole weekend.

Here is a group shot of the group of knitters and friends I went with.


Thank you Rhinebeck for the wonderful day!  I sure hope we meet again next year!

Happy knitting people!!


That was fast…..

Boy that week flew!!  Seems like it took forever for vacation to get here and it was over in a flash.  I seem more tired than when we left.  Oh well, I’ll rest when we get home.  Unfortunately I ended the vacation with a migraine.

Bryce should be good and water logged by now.  Spent most of the time at the pool.  The beach was beautiful but the sand a pain in the butt.

We enjoyed going to the docks each day to see how the charter boats did fishing. Poor hubby really wanted to do a 1/2 day but the prices were crazy expensive.  The big fun for the boy was the renting of the golf cart.  He’s eleven and between the golf cart and the lawn mower we suspect that when the time comes for him to actually drive, there won’t be any problems.

I must have thought I would get massive amounts of knitting done because I wound 2 skeins of sock yarn for my sweater and although I made great progress, I am just almost at the end of my first skein.  I over packed the knitting and packed just enough clothes.

We have really enjoyed the high speed internet and I have watched some podcast and even had a computer malfunction today and I am ever so grateful to Apple Support for getting me up and running again!!  Electronic issues are the worst.

The boys have really hit the ice cream hard here, treating themselves twice a day.  Not me, I’ve been eating some really delicious and healthy meals and staying the course.  We bought flounder and grouper, right off the boats, vacuumed sealed and frozen for home.


My chauffeur once the golf cart was rented.  Can’t believe he starts 6th grade on Monday.

I thought I took more pictures, apparently not…

Goodbye OBX, we will see you next year!


I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I will see you soon.


On Vacation….

Greeting from the Outer Banks of North Carolina!!!  We are on our annual family   vacation, a little late this year due to schedule issues.  So late in fact, that school starts on Monday.

Before we left I managed to get my son over to his new school for a quick refresher tour and actually met the new principal who was so kind to print off Bryce’s schedule and walked it with us.  We left for vacation more confident about middle school.


This has been a summer of mixed emotions for me.  First was the loss of our beloved cat Chloe and I knit a beautiful lace scarf like a women possessed.  And usually after a project I flounder a bit and waffle about what to start.  Not this time.  I had my next project all picked out and when I had a free amount of time, I dyed my Yankee Stride for the sweater in our Under the Sea color way.  The pattern is Window to my Soul by Joji Locatelli.  It is finally looking like a sweater.


I became immediately frustrated with the set-up row and then the chart.  All end-user error by the way.  I was hell-bent that I would get through it and I had  mixed emotions about the whole thing, but I kept going by having faith in the amount of fabulous success there was on Ravelry.  It was slow going but successful until I hit the proverbial wall.  When I got to Row 8, the directions state, continue in established pattern…..!!  What pattern??  I was only 8 rows in, I need more directions.  Don’t leave me to my own devices…..H  E  L  P!!!  This is where blind faith comes into play and a fair amount of anxiety.  I have my pattern repeats all tidy with stitch markers but I’ve come to a row where they need to come out…WHAT????  Oh snap, I went to bed that night and I had to talk myself down from the edge of insanity.  The sweater sat for about a week, in a rather undeserved timeout.  Of course it was end-user error and lets face it any knitting after 10:00 pm is just futile.

As you can see by the picture above that things are coming along nicely.  Sitting today on our 3rd floor condo with cool ocean breezes provided todays knitting destination.  It was pure heaven.

The boy is driving around in the gold cart he’s been bugging us about since we got here.  Eleven must be a rough age because when he isn’t whining he’s pouting.  I am ignoring both.

I’m off to knit a bit more before they want to do something else.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week!!


The Perks….

Hello to you all!  I’ve been wanting to write but I have been in my car for most of the week dropping the boy off and picking him up and trying to dye a custom order on a deadline and I had a crazy asthma attack.  It’s been so long since I’ve had to deal with that, that frankly I thought I might be having a heart attack.  A little scary but nothing my expired meds didn’t fix.

My custom dye project turned out beautifully with a really happy customer who was hopping a flight tomorrow and needed knitting.  She is a happy camper.



We got to feed her babies.  It was so much fun for my side kick after such a crazy week.



and this beauty…



My son wants horses so badly.  Maybe she will let us come back and feed them again!

Hope you all are well!!  I promise to be back soon!